Small things

I totally stole my post title from Zandy.

Just some things to post.

Only thing better than snowballs on a hot, sunny day is bringing Ziggy to lick up the leftovers.


I did a race for charity (I didn’t run it, mostly walked it, hence no actual race report) on the levee by my house, and the boys and George (and Ziggy) came to the end. We decorated pink bras. Too bad you can’t see my beading and featherwork on mine. It was itchy lovely.

Later that day (this was last weekend) I took the boys to a crawfish boil. Yum. There were baby alligators. Not to eat.

They’ve also really enjoyed playing at dusk with the kids next door. The neighbor’s boys are 1 and 3 (almost 2 and 4) so it’s really quite sweet. Miles was disappointed one evening when they weren’t outside. Gah.

Also sweet, we went to the school piano recital the other night because Oliver’s BFF was in it. They listened to all of the music and after each (very short) song, they’d say, “wow, that was awesome!” or similar. Now Linus and Oliver claim to want to take piano next year. Hmm. Not sure how we’d manage that. We’ll see. I have a feeling they might be prodigies. You never know.

Speaking of, Oliver and Linus have their dance competition tonight. Remember Miles’s last year? Yes, stay tuned for more swing dancing and meringue by my boys.

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