So much for brown.

I insisted several times over the summer that the boys were going to start third grade with brown hair. I may as well confess right here that part of the reason I wanted it was because I miss them looking alike. Terrible, right? After all my talk about letting them be individuals. But they still would have different hair cuts, so not totally the same.

But you know, it’s just hair. It makes them happy. Who cares what color it is? And let’s be honest, it’s better for everyone involved if they’re easy to tell apart.



And they pretty much have the same haircut now (yes, Oliver went short) (though you can’t tell here because someone whose name starts with Mi- and ending with -les had a heavy hand with the styling paste), so I guess I kind of got my wish.

They’re so happy with their freshly dyed hair (Miles in particular is over the moon) that I can’t help but love it too.


Whatcha got?

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