The flooding in Baton Rouge

It’s hard to happily blog about stuff like our vacation and the first day of school, just ignoring the fact that 90 miles away, the world is upside down. It’s surreal and heartbreaking and too much like Katrina, minus the news coverage.

My family (as far as I know) has escaped flooding. But I’m seeing reports of friends with multiple feet of water in their house. Gutting up to the water line, fast, to avoid mold. Just like after Katrina. (At least this time people can get sooner, so their homes aren’t sitting in the wet heat, untouched.)

It’s bizarre to see the areas I’m so familiar with under water. O’Neal Lane. Denham Springs. Sherwood Forest Blvd.

I am at a loss as how to help. The options are overwhelming, and I’m not sure if we should just donate money or go buy diapers and formula or take a day off work to go to Baton Rouge and help a friend gut a house or what? All of the above? There are plenty of resources listed here, so I’ll figure something out.

In the meantime, to show how bad it really is, some photos and videos from social media…

2 thoughts on “The flooding in Baton Rouge

  1. Doug

    My cousin’s husband is a chaplain with the USAF, he’s been posted out to Baton Rouge as they live in Metairie. What Lesley is posting on Facebook is heartbreaking. It sounds like material support seems best.


  2. kdliberty

    That picture of I-12 is something. How bad did St. Tammany Parrish get hit. I am originally from Slidell and know that always seem to get hit bad..


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