A magic show

Four days in to their new obsession. Still going strong-ish. They even asked me to get them some Bicycle cards. Like, they know the brands now. So we went to Walmart after school yesterday so they could replace the free promotional decks I’d given them.

There was a sign. (At least now they’re combining their drawing and magic obsessions!)


And tickets. And a pass. Not sure what the difference is. (Dog hair optional.)


Oliver started the show with a card trick.


Then Miles wowed us with his.

Oliver then switched things up by REMOVING HIS THUMB! And then PUTTING IT BACK ON!!!! (there was no blood, thank goodness.)


Since he again had both thumbs, he was able to show us this card trick:

Next up was Linus! His trick had something to do with 10s?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I was thoroughly charmed. Bravo! (Linus declined to bow for his fans.)