House of barf

The boys were not barfers as babies. They didn’t spit up much (unless you jiggled them too much after a bottle) and they didn’t get many stomach viruses when they were younger. Sure, Miles yakked on me on a plane once about four years ago, but for the most part, we’ve done pretty well on that front. (Oh, well, there was that other time when I could see Miles was about to barf so I stuck his face down the front of my shirt to a) contain the vomit and b) prevent a chain reaction of cookie-tossing. It worked, and I am still waiting for my medal on that act of selfless bravery.)

Anyway, things have changed a lot in the past month.

First there was the barf on the flight to London. (Miles)

Then on the last day of our trip, lots more vomit. (Miles)

There was a fun incident not long after that resulted in cleaning vomit out of the top bunk. (Linus.)

Then I got a call from school the other day, someone had a tummy ache which ultimately resulted in puke all over a coffee shop bathroom. (I left a big tip.) (Miles.)

Last night, another bedroom incident, but fortunately not in any of the beds. (Linus.)

At 3:30 am, simultaneous barfing. (Linus and Oliver – see, they are identical!)

Today, just a lot more Ollie yakking.

I’m super ready for this to be over with, thank you very much.

Now, to make up for all the gross sick talk, here are some cute pictures of the boys lately.


6 thoughts on “House of barf

  1. Sarah

    I feel your pain. My girls are pukers. Car sick, etc. Typical stomach virus lasts for 2-3 days – there are no 24 hour bugs in our house. We’ve been dealing with vomit for half of this month already – I’m so ready for it to be done.


  2. Chrissie

    Awww. Hope they all end that barfing soon. Do you know about Nauzene? Works wonders. My son pukes whenever he gets overtired and overexcited. I thought he had grown out of it but recently found out his gf keeps a stash of Nauzene on her for his weakness (the girl is a winner imho).


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