Wrapping up Singapore

As I mentioned before, most of our time in Singapore was spent working, so I don’t have a ton of pics or anything, but I do want to wrap up my recaps so I can post about sewing again. 🙂

Mostly it’s gonna be a bunch of pictures again. Sorry.

Food and beverages. [Not pictured: The cheapest bottle of wine I could find at the only store I could find with wine and that was $23 (SG which is $17USD but tasted like $3USD wine) but had a corkscrew and we were staying at a hotel that didn’t serve alcohol so I tried to dig out the cork with a housekey but that only bent my key but turns out this hotel was quite nice so even though they don’t serve booze they do have corkscrews. Whew!]

Fabric shopping! We had one free day to do stuff, and you already saw my flower pics, so now you have to see where I dragged Karen and Deborah. Arab Street! It’s lined with small fabric shops, just one after another. I didn’t really know what to do or where to go, but this one shop popped up on Google Maps so I was like, this’ll do. The people inside were incredibly nice, and I picked out a couple of meters of this silk brocade that I will make into something, one day, as a souvenir of this trip.

I suppose I could have done this chronologically….earlier that day, first thing, we went to the beach. We just wanted to put our toes in water, not go swimming. It was pretty nice, even with the ships off on the horizon, reminding you this is a working waterway.

Sunday was our main purpose of the whole trip – our WooCommerce Workshop for Women. It was a great success, and we hope to see a lot of great applicants come out of it. Can you believe we have no Automatticians in Singapore?

And finally, the rest of my random pictures…

Huh. I guess I did have a ton of pics after all.

Other random things to say about Singapore:

  • There are a lot of malls. I suppose people must come from all over to shop there. It’s handy, that’s for sure.
  • It’s right by the equator! I had no idea. People there seemed tickled by the fact that in other places, the length of the day varies throughout the year.
  • The weather (when I was there anyway) was exactly like New Orleans in June, say. Hot, humid, and thunderstormed every afternoon. I can’t say I loved it, but I was used to it, so it was fine. It sure was nice to come home to cooler weather!
  • The highway (I guess it was a highway – it was a divided four lane road that people drove fast on, anyway) was beautiful – the median was filled with flowers.
  • People there are very nice. And a
  • Apparently there are only two “Singaporean” foods. Chicken rice and chili crab. I only had the former (which as far as I could tell is literally chicken and rice with condiments you put on top.)
  • Singapore is very expensive, if you couldn’t tell from my wine comment above. I had to buy conditioner and for just normal drugstore conditioner, I think I paid $10 USD.


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  1. Al

    There are a lot of malls

    I’ve heard Singapore described as the only shopping mall with a seat on the UN, or Disneyland with the death penalty.

    That aside, I love the place. Whilst it’s expensive it’s very hard to find bad food and you can find inexpensive very nice food if you try.


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