Summer so far

It’s the start of the second full week of summer break, and finally I have some peace and quiet! Ahhhh. I told the boys they could have a couple of weeks at home before camp started, and so they don’t start that officially until next week, but the fitness center near our house has a camp that allows drop-ins and this week’s theme is World Cup so I brought them there today.

We haven’t done a whole lot, really. I took a few days off last week so we could hang out, but one of the days was spent on set (ARE WE NOT FANCY?) while two of the boys filmed a scene for Claws (watch episode 3 in a few weeks!) and the other two days were pretty lazy, spent at home or at the pool. Not the worst thing in the world.


Yesterday, Oliver and I had a little day to ourselves and went to an escape room and saved the world from nuclear annihilation. You’re welcome!


We also had beignets. Look, saving the world requires carbs, and lots of ’em.


I’ve also been sewing. Mostly stuff for other people. Hats and gifts for certain nieces who had birthdays last month. Will post pictures after they receive them. (It’s not so much that I’m very late with their gifts, but it took a while to find juuuuust the right fabric, and believe me, it was worth the wait!)

Grandee’s LSU hat:


The boys have also started summer soccer, which is pretty intense. I think it’ll be good for them, as long as they don’t have heat stroke. They’re the youngest kids there, but as I’ve told them, playing with better kids will only make them better. And I ordered my canopy chair like the one in the picture. Woo!


Well, that’s about it for now. A busy week coming up. Soccer of course, and we’re going to a double feature of Incredibles on Wednesday night, plus the dentist YAY, and I’m getting a haircut on Friday and oh just all sorts of fun stuff. Oh, and next week I’ll be heading to Portland for work. There are lots of fabric stores in Portland, you know. 😀