April in review

Okay, seriously, April went by way too fast. What did we doooooo?

Easter! Mom and Larry came over. I made a delicious chocolate cake and other things. And we got a family pic.

I donated blood, and while I ended up with bruising on both arms (my veins aren’t as hearty as you would expect from me) I also got a cool t-shirt.

And then a few days later, I got another flower tattoo. This one was for Kiki. I told her she could pick, and she chose a hibiscus because it reminded her of her mom, as they had them growing at their house when she was growing up.

Artistry by Mecca at Hell or High Water here in New Orleans. I highly recommend her and her shop.

Less fun, the boys kicked a hole in the wall and I covered it with a sheet of whiteboard:

Lots of soccer, but it also ended this month. Yay! There were goals scored by my children, which was nice to see. We went to a tournament in Lafayette. They didn’t totally suck! I made friends with a five year old. It was delightful.

After a real shitshow of a game on the north shore, we had dinner with my cousin Rob and his wife. It was so great to see them! So great.

Ziggy was cute, yet again.

What else? The boys got obsessed with basketball, I made another bunny for a grieving little brother, I got new shoes, I sewed some things, George and I had tacos, I made breakfast pizza for dinner. I started a three month rotation with the tumblr support team, and I’m loving it.

And now it’s May and this month the boys will finish their freshman year, I’m going to Rotterdam, and birthdays will be celebrated. But I won’t have to watch any soccer games!

Whatcha got?

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