Back in Natchitoches again. I mean, we were already in Alexandria for the archery tournament, it would just be a waste not to drive an extra hour to spend the night in Natchitoches and visit my high school again. The boys will be spending a week there this summer for camp, so I have two more drives up there this year.


I could not be more proud of Linus. His first archery competition (and the first for his school, and they’ve only been doing archery a couple of months, and not practicing a great deal) and he scored 207 out of a possible 300! Who knew he was a natural at this? Look at that arrow flying through the air! (It landed in blue, which is pretty good, if you ask me.) We have been calling him Katniss.


While the boys watched soccer in our room, Kiki and I watched the finale of Sex Education (highly recommend, but not with kids around) in her room on an iPad while drinking wine out of plastic cups. Cheers!

(We are traveling for an archery tournament for Linus. More on that coming up!)



Look how organized my shelves are! Kiki and I worked hard to get the dining room in order. I really don’t even have before pics of what a mess it was because I avoided taking pictures of this area – it was so cluttered. Now I have all of my Starbucks mugs on display!


He looks happy here, but rest assured he is most definitely not. We were at the vet. Time for shots! Poor buddy.



Went to visit Granny and Grandpa (George’s parents) on Sunday. The boys have officially passed up Granny in height!


[Sorry for all the posts today – gotta get caught up for the monthly pic!]



This is the third picture in a row of Miles and Linus. Guess who doesn’t like being in pictures? (Well, ok, none of them, really.) Right now, it’s always (American) football in the backyard.


The series finale of our favorite show, The Good Place was on. Sad times.


We had our book club meeting and I got to pick the book! I hemmed and hawed over it, but ultimately chose my favorite book, even though it’s non-fiction. The food, as usual, was themed with the book, so there were scones and pork pie and clotted cream and Hob Nobs. Yay!