Growing up too fast!

Two things of note today:

I saw this when I went into the boys’ room this morning. Ulp.

That’s Miles, naked but for his diaper. And thank the heavens for that diaper. I mean, I’m fine with semi naked, pajama-removing baby. It’s diaper-removing baby I’m not okay with, and I’m afraid we’re only a hop, skip, and a jump from diaper-removing baby. That terrifies me. So what now? Is it time to buy stock in duct tape?

The other thing is that they’re starting to move up to the older room at daycare. Linus is the first to go today, something I have mixed feelings about. It’s only temporary, but they’re transitioning one at a time. I think by the time August rolls around, all three will be moved. But will it be weird for Linus to be without his brothers for most of the day? Or will he be happy to not have his toys stolen from him? Hard to say.

All the kids do spend time together throughout the day, so it’s really not that big of a deal. But it does mean they’re growing up. Dang! Not ready for that!

My big boys, yesterday evening. Linus is the ham in orange:

6 thoughts on “Growing up too fast!

  1. Ooh, I will have to try putting the diaper on backwards. Emily has to have something over her diaper at all times, and if she doesn’t, it comes off very fast.


  2. You might be surprised! He may just leave the diaper alone. Our boys (since switching to t-shirt and short PJs this summer) routinely take their PJs off but have never once moved to take their diapers off!


  3. LOL – this is how it all starts!!! If my girls are just in their diaper, 50% of the time, they will rip it off. I think right now they are more interested in learning how to dress and undress themselves.


  4. I once had a friend with a baby who would routinely take his poopy diaper off and smear it all over the wall and the crib. She did move the crib away from the wall, but the smearing continued…..oh, and his hair was a favorite target as well!! EWWWW!!!!


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