Argh. Stupid Apple watch. The screen just popped off. Hmmph. And no, I’m not paying $159 to get it fixed, Apple, thankyouverymuch. I can get superglue at the dollar store.


Helped a sick friend a bit with her move into a gorgeously renovated house. While I’m green with envy over her new digs, I also realized that after nearly 16 years in the same house, there’s no way I ever want to move. Unless there were dumpsters involved to toss everything we’ve accumulated.


I’m a pushover, so I took the boys to watch their friends play in the 5/6 grade soccer championships, which they also won. This is a statue near the fields. (Be grateful you didn’t get another picture of random kids playing soccer.)


You almost got a photo of my new waffle iron plates which earned Cuisinart a scathing review on Amazon, but instead you get the Zigster, being ridiculously cute.



The boys were trying to teach me how to make this face they make, with limited success. Photo by Oliver. (Sometimes you gotta outsource, you know?)


The boys had the day off, and it was a lovely cold, crisp day, so we took the Zigster for a walk. We stopped at the neighborhood market because I needed butter. All they had was $5 Amish butter (that’s for two sticks!) so yeah basically we are fancy is what I’m saying.


Last night there was a champagne toast at the pub. George and I met there, you know, almost 18 years ago (!) This was for the 10th anniversary of the current owners taking over. So glad they did, and that it’s still around!


Behold. My Lisbon fabric skirt. It’s the Linea skirt by Wardrobe by Me.

Location: TJ Maxx dressing room

I mean, sometimes you just gotta go with a pic from the TJ Maxx dressing room. What can I say?


I got this fabric is Lisbon to make a skirt and I am saving every tiny scrap left over. I love it so much. 😍 (I’m not in a sewing mood right now though so cross your fingers that one of my next pictures is the finished product!)