Three little people

I still get asked all the time, “do they have different personalities?”, which kind of kills me. (And I know I screwed up the punctuation at the end of that quote, so feel free to enlighten me on how I should have done it.) So I thought I’d write a post about their individual personalities and the little quirks that make them who they are.

from left to right…


My little peacemaker. He is always finding toys to give his brothers to stop fights, and the other day I saw him handing Oliver and Linus the last of his conversation hearts from Valentine’s Day.

He never stop moving. I mean, the kid is a bundle of energy. He’s always pacing, or running, or jumping, or humming. Always on the move.

Probably the most emotional. Can be screaming in frustration one moment, laughing the next.

Has a killer little grin that he busts out when necessary. And he knows when it’s necessary.

Loves chocolate Pinkberry.


The most in touch with his emotions. Sometimes he’ll say, “today I am not in a very good mood,” and then we know to be prepared for Not Jolly Ollie. He hates to be called Not Jolly Ollie. (At least he can’t read yet.) Even better are the days when he says, “I’m mostly in a good mood today.”

My best sleeper. Maybe because he still sucks his thumb?

Seems to be the “brainiest”. I don’t mean smartest, I just mean he has a more analytical brain than his brothers.

Loves to draw.

Loves pink yogurt (strawberry Yoplait ONLY in the big containers.)


Physically, I think he’s the most different from his brothers. He has the two cowlicks up front, which make his hair lie flatter when it’s longer, and stick up like crazy when it’s shorter. And his face is a bit rounder.

Loves video games, and I don’t know if this is related, but seems to have the best hand-eye coordination. He seems like the most inclined to play sports, but we’ll see.

Loves playing in the bath.

Very happy-go-lucky. Pretty chill. He sleeps in the top bunk, and the fact that he wanted to sleep up there, is the kind of kid he is. His brothers were a bit wary to climb up there (and I don’t blame them!) but after his first nervous trip up, he was scampering up and down the ladder like a pro.

Loves noodles of all shapes.


Now can you tell them apart?

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  1. I love this! I have identical twin daughters who are 8. I think they got tired of this question early on, too. Since they started pre-school they have demanded to dress differently. One has long hair one has shorter hair. They treasure their own unique style, because it sets them apart from each other. But the second someone makes the mistake of claiming they “don’t look anything alike,” they’ll do whatever necessary to prove otherwise. They love being identical twins, they just don’t want that to be their only identity.


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