Some things never change

While we’re on the subject of the differences between the boys…

Remember this little video I put together a few years ago? (Man, it still cracks me up to watch that.) Well, yesterday we went to a different park in our neighborhood. One with monkey bars.

Miles was ready to tackle them. First things first. Mommy had to hold him up while he made his way down the bars. But I could not let go.

Mommy holding on to Miles

After a few minutes of that, he was ready to hang from a bar. So I held up up, then gradually let go so he was holding on by himself. But he was scared to fall, so I grabbed him again and gently brought him down to Earth.

When he saw that it wasn’t too far down, he was ready to drop to the ground himself. He did that approximately one million times.

…and fall. x1000000

And then he saw Millie going across the monkey bars, and since he is Millie’s biggest fan, decided he was going to try that too.

Look at the determination on that face!

And wouldn’t you know, he made his way across the monkey bars all by himself? It took him many, many tries, and many falls, but he didn’t give up until he did it.

I was so proud I thought I would burst.

He was proud of himself, too.

Meanwhile, Linus made it to “hanging from the bar and dropping”, and Oliver wouldn’t let me let go of him.

Linus (R) is getting ready to hang from the bar, while Miles is itching to try to go across again.
Oliver will just stick to this thing instead.

So, just like the video from 2010, Miles was Mr. Adventure, Linus was happy to do whatever, with no worries whatsoever, and Oliver was, as before, extremely cautious.

Yep, some things never change!

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  1. I just read in a book where some researchers studied some kids as toddlers, and then again as teens, to see if they were still introverts or extroverts when they were older. They were all the same as teens, either outgoing or shy and quiet.


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