A decade of Oliver


Oliver, born second. A bit competitive, I guess that started when he was born second, even though he was supposed to be the last out. He is a perfectionist, and hates doing something if he can’t do it right. He always make the most worried faces (that furrowed brow is his look) but he’s probably the most chill of the trio.

He was the first to dye his hair way back when. Because he wanted to stand out from his brothers? Or because he was obsessed with a YouTube star with blue hair? Either way, he doesn’t worry a heck of a whole lot what other people think.

Oliver at age 10:

  • still won’t eat vegetables.
  • hates ramen.
  • loves to draw.
  • wants to be an artist when he grows up.
  • makes silly faces.
  • favorite colors are purple and teal
  • is no longer scared of dogs.

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