10 years! 120 months! 3653 days!

Ten years! A decade. Double digits. Ack!

Ten years old means I’ve taken ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY monthly pics. Where’s my medal?!?

I did think that this year deserved individual posts on each boy, which you can see here:


How in the world did I get so lucky?


3 thoughts on “10 years! 120 months! 3653 days!

  1. Mrs. H

    Its amazing! I still struggle to see past Christmas, can’t even imagine 10 years! Congratulations to you one proud mum (as you should be)


  2. Deanne Israel

    Pam, you totally deserved to be blessed with your incredible sons. I so enjoyed your individual profiles on Miles, Oliver, and Linus. Although I don’t see them that often, they don’t seem like strangers now. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

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