A decade of Linus



In fact, it’s become increasingly clear over the course of the years that Linus is a tiny George. He would rather be alone, and he definitely marches to the beat of his own drummer. While his brothers currently spend their free time drawing, he is mostly uninterested. Even when they were little, that was the dynamic of the three. Linus and Oliver & Miles.

Linus at age 10:

  • wants to be an animator. Or maybe a coder.
  • great at math (and all other school subjects, actually)
  • has the cheesiest cheeseball grin ever.
  • loves ramen.
  • hates having his photo taken.
  • loves spending time alone.
  • hates when I travel for work.
  • is obsessed with Naruto (graphic novels.)
  • loves his dog.

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