A whole buncha random stuff

I have lots of things to say today.

First, a few things we did over the break.

We saw Coco. It was so good. We all were teary at the end. Highly recommend.

Diego came over afterwards to play.


I introduced Miles to The Princess Bride. He may have been slightly annoyed that I kind of recited every line, but I couldn’t help it. The other two were reluctant to watch it, but Miles loved it. Next up: It’s a Wonderful Life.

Speaking of, I decorated the mantle, and I gotta say, it looks so good. But that’s gonna be another blog post altogether, so be patient. There was a lot of crafting involved. (You’ll see how that relates to It’s a Wonderful Life when I post about it.)

The boys are going to be ten in less than a week. I am now at the point in the year when I reminisce about everything leading up to their birth. It generally starts on November 25, the day I was admitted to the hospital. Let’s see, at this point ten years ago, I was…bored. But still somewhat entertained by the novelty of being in the hospital and getting woken at 4am for blood pressure checks. I got to ride downstairs in a wheelchair! Wheeeee!

Oh, did I mention I ran five miles straight without stopping? Just want to make sure you didn’t miss that. It’s likely I’ll mention it a few more times.

Saturday, I took the boys to Draw-a-thon, a local event where, as the name implies, you can draw all day long. It lasts 24 hours and if Oliver and Miles had their way, we would have stayed the whole time. Linus had fun for a while, but he’s not quite as obsessed with drawing as the other two are. The whole place was literally covered in paper to draw on – floors, walls, furniture, everything. The Draw-a-tron 3000 was my favorite part. You wrote down your request, and then it spit out the drawing.

The inner workings of this miraculous machine. (Oliver asked for a picture of the Draw-a-tron 3000)

The last drawing there was not done by one of my kids. Ha!

So Linus isn’t so much into the drawing, but he has been reading like a maniac. It may not be what I’d choose, but he is on book 16 or something of the Naruto series of graphic novels. Better than nothing. Oliver and Miles are also reading other series, but not quite as voraciously as Linus (because they’re drawing.)

I also took Christmas card pictures, but you’ll see those later. I don’t even know if I’m going to send out cards this year. I’m pretty lazy. We’ll see.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving, spending it at the home of some friends. Of course I missed being with my family, but they were all in Virginia. I had to deal with plenty of guilt trips from them about not going as well, but guilt trips don’t work unless they were planning to pay the thousands of dollars it would cost to get us all up there.

I’ll leave you with an adorable(?) video. I found a bunch of old videos from the phone I had when the boys were about 2-4 years old. Ack!

This one’s a gem. Miles is whining because water got on his shoe and Linus is overwatering a plant, and Oliver is carrying around a DVD case, as they did back then.

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  1. Tanisha

    Hi Pam!

    I’ve never commented before but I guess today I just wanted to say hi. I’ve been reading your blog for around 7 (? maybe longer) years now. I don’t even remember how I found it. If I had to say, it would be the picture of the boys in that awesome claw footed tub. I was 16 then and trying to learn how to Lightroom and somehow stumbled across that picture. I’ve been reading ever since then but have just never commented up until now. I’m 23 now and reading this post and you mentioning the boys are going to be 10 has just got me feeling nostalgic I guess. Thanks to you, I started my own WordPress blog (long since abandoned sadly) and got really into taking photos and documenting my life. I still take lots of pictures that just sit on my computer. Anyway, thanks for all the inspiration when I was younger and for continually updating this blog! So many that I used to read have now not been updated for years which makes me sad. Have a good Christmas and New Years, I’ll be looking forward to your posts. Oh, and happy early 10th birthday to Miles, Linus, and Oliver!

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