Day One in the hospital

Not a full day, granted, but I want to keep track of what goes on in here, especially since I hope to be here for a nice, long while. At least two weeks. Before the babies are born, that is.

So we checked in around 11 (I mean, I was admitted – it’s not a hotel, after all) and my doctor came in to say hello shortly thereafter. The nurse who brought me in showed me around and I got changed into a gown while George set up the computer for internet access (priorities!)

I had my first session of attempting to monitor all three babies’ heartbeats at the same time. Not easy. Hardly even possible. So after about an hour, the nurses gave up. My blood pressure was also checked during this time. It wasn’t great, but not horribly high, either.

A little while later, a resident came in and checked to see how I was feeling. Everyone here is really nice, I have to say. Later, because we weren’t able to get the heartrates for 20 minutes total, she brought in an u/s machine and checked them out. Babies are fine. Always good to hear. πŸ™‚

The rest of the day included such highlights as lunch (ick), dinner (better), a salad from Whole Foods brought by George (best) and some chocolate (heaven!) Teresa and Jon and Gareth also stopped by. Tee brought me some goodies in my new favorite scent from Bath & Body Works which was v sweet.

Oh yeah, turns out I have the best room on the floor! It’s private (whew), pretty big, and even has a little foyer. Tee hee! Good stuff. I’m also loving this hospital bed. I need one at home. So handy that you can sit up and read and not need a gajillion pillows. It was v hot in here, but the windows open a bit, and we brought a fan. So now I’m even a tad chilly.

Tomorrow the highlight of my day will be the end of 24 hours of urine collection (heh) and finding out the results of that, and bloodwork. Woot!

9 thoughts on “Day One in the hospital

  1. Cindy & Brian

    Woo Hoo – day one is out of the way! Thank God for a private room.That monitoring is a real pain, isn’t it? That gel burns my skin after a couple of hours. And they always just end up breaking out the ultrasound machine anyway b/c they can’t get them all to stay on at the same time for long enough!Hang in there – I’m getting admitted tomorrow. FUN FOR ALL.


  2. Casey's trio

    One day down…good for you! LOVE the hospital beds. Just wish I had one at home because my back will never be the same after my pregnancy and carrying kida around all day:O Keep talkin’ people into bringing you food from the outside and have lots of snacks on hand.


  3. Paula

    I’m so proud of you. Your attitude is AWESOME and will certainly pass on to the babies.Keep bakin’, little ones!


  4. Emily, Mommy and Daddy

    My hospital had the best food. Too bad yours isn’t the same! πŸ™‚ Emmy says hi to Aunt Pam! Oh.. and good news! Only has to wear the helmet (ha!) three more weeks!


  5. Anonymous

    Hi Pam – this is Maggie, Tee’s sister. I am so excited for you! Crazy as it sounds, enjoy lying in that bed and not having to be anywhere or do anything. Your job now is to give those babies a safe place to be until they are ready to enter this world. At which time your world changes in ways you can’t even imagine right now! I told my girls about Tee’s friend who has 3 babies in her tummy and Annabelle said I bet they are are punching each other trying to pop out! Keep in mind one of her favorite hobbies is punching Veronika. Anyway, I can’t empathize with having 3 at one time but I think of it like this – when one is done teething, they are all done teething; when one is potty trained, soon they will all be potty trained; when one goes to school, they all go to school – you won’t have to relearn things they way the rest of us do! I wish you the best of luck! Things to remember when you get home: Never underestimate the power of a shower. Sleep is more important than clean dishes. Your husband is lovingly clueless about what you are going through – he’s doing his best. When the milk comes in, you will have the biggest boobs in the world but unfortunately they may be painful so it’s tough to enjoy them. Most of all, remember, three is a magic number!! Take good care of you! Maggie


  6. Anonymous

    One day down….14 more to go…at least! Liam was worried when I told him you were in the hospital…but was relieved when I told him he could visit. Hang in there girl…we will see you v. soon.Steph


  7. Willa

    Just wanted to say hi! I have been keeping up with your progress through this link and it has been great! My best thoughts are with you and George and the babies. Hang in there and (not too) soon you will have three little bundles of joy!XOXOXWillaWilla


  8. Anonymous

    The monitoring was the worst!! Truly the bane of my existence in the hosp. At some point my dr said I could skip it altogether and just do BPPs since, like Cindy said, they usually wound up having to do that anyway.Most of the food is gross, but you can order whatever you want (even off the menu)- ask to speak w/ a dietician. I don’t eat meat so I had them bringing me all kinds of different options. Also, the nurses can bring you sandwiches whenever you want. But I had friends bring food in from the outside most of the time.I hope you get good results from the 24 hr urine. Hang in there, you’re doing a great job! Meredith


  9. ccdean

    Get use to the crazy monitoring sessions. For me, it took about three days to really figure out where exactly the best spots were to find heartbeats. In the last few days it was actually pretty easy. Hang in there and get ready for the adventure of your life. :-)–Christy


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