Am I crazy?

I just registered for the Baltimore Marathon. October.

Yes. Am crazy.


Just in case anyone is wondering, I haven’t posted lately because I’m boring.

I’ve talked to death about my upcoming trips, and frankly, that’s all that’s on my mind. So I shan’t bore you any longer. I’ll post during or after the trip. That’ll be more fun!

Okay, I did make hamburger buns the other night. That was kind of exciting. A practice run for Kristina’s engagement party.


Happy halfiversary to George and meeee! Woo! Can you believe? Six months!

I do have some cake issues this weekend, though. Because today is our halfiversary, but tomorrow is a going away party for some friends and Sunday is George’s birthday AND Mother’s Day.

I’m making a cake for the party tomorrow (it will serve as George’s birthday cake, we’re actually going to eat it at the pub after the party, because George shares a birthday with one of our friends who is going away.) and then on Sunday we’re going to eat the top layer of our wedding cake. Not today, but Sunday. So my mom can have some. She’s coming in to town! A rare occasion, indeed.

So anyway, lots of cake. Not sure what the dilemma was, now. Ha ha!

(Eating wedding cake now so it doesn’t get stuck in the freezer if we have to evacuate. Yes, we could take the cake with us, but it’s too risky. Plus I just want the dang cake!)


Gosh, I hate to post if it means my pretty countertops are going to be pushed down the page. But alas, it must happen sooner or later. Speaking of my lovely countertops, they should be finished tonight. We’re putting up the strip of wood on the edge, doing some touchups, and voila! All done!

Sadly, there is not much else exciting to report. At least, nothing I can post here. But the roller coaster of fun that will be my life for the rest of the year is about to begin, so I won’t complain about things being quiet for now.

The travel part will be fun, but the fact that two friends are moving away puts a bit of a damper on things. Sucks hardcore is more like it. But what can you do? Life goes on. Things change. Blah blah blah.

So, fun travel. I got some Pittsburgh and DC at the end of this month. And then I have some Ellie time in L.A. at the end of June. And then a few weeks later, it’s Delaware. (I’m pretty sure I’ve never been to Delaware, but I hear it’s very popular for bachelorette parties. Not really, I never heard that, but that’s what we’re doing. Bachelorette party in Delaware! It’s pretty funny when you say it like that, isn’t it? But really it’s on the beach in Delaware, so it’s all good. Except for the bathing-suit part.)

After Delaware, I’ll have a little down time (but maybe we can sneak in a visit to Houston?) and there’s a mini-break with some of my favorite girls to Natchitoches, then the marathon in Baltmore in mid-October, then the biggie – Mexico! And after that (yes, there’s MORE), I’m supposed to be going to Monterrey, California (which, secretly, is the trip I’m most looking forward to. Because there are no bathing suits involved.)

And then in 2007, I have Vegas for Kristina’s bachelorette (it’s no Delaware, but it’ll do) and then South Carolina for her wedding and then we want to go to London next year again, so cross fingers that it works out. (Oh yeah, and Monterrey again. Woo!)

So lots of travel to look forward to. And now I just remembered that I hate flying. Hmm.

Who knew?

Well, who knew? This year I have been discovering previously hidden talents that I possess. First it was pizza making, which expanded to include breadmaking. Now it is tiling. Granted, this is a genius talent that I will probably not be exploring further, as it is a messy talent that doesn’t get you hot, delectable bread at the end, but nevertheless it’s a nice talent to have.

So here is a before picture of our kitchen:

And here is an almost-after:

We have, since I took that after photo, grouted the backsplash and finished everything except for the finishing edge. But still. Vast improvement. And I have grout under my fingernails. Still.

Last night we went to George’s school fair and I managed to not win at the goldfish game, the ring-around-the-two-liter-of-Diet-Coke game, and the plant game. Hmmph. These are talents I do not possess. See, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m not good at everything. It’s okay.

Got my ticket to visit Ellie. Just two months (ugh) til I get to see her again! Yay!

Date-iversary #4

Boy, if you read my blog entry from four years ago today, you’d just have thought that day was an ordinary day. No mention of the date I had that night, which believe me, was very out of the ordinary. Well, I didn’t write anything about it because I didn’t know if George was reading my blog. So I was very cool about it all.

Tonight we’re going to go to the Crescent City Brewhouse for dinner, just like we did four years ago. Mmmm.

Am getting excited about tiling the countertops this weekend. I hope it doesn’t end up looking like crap. Want to go buy the tiles during my lunch break today, but I have to wait until I can bring some of the guys I work with to do the heavy lifting, and today’s not a good day. Dang. Not that I need to get them today, I just want to.

April 12, 2006

So last night I made more bread with my fancy new cookbook. Here’s what I have to say about fancy new cookbooks. (How do you spell sticking your tongue out and spraying the fancy new cookbook with my spittle?)

It wasn’t bad bread, but it took me three days to make (well, technically two but I waited a day in the middle) and I’m pretty sure I followed the directions closely, but there was flour in the middle, where I folded the bread. It said to fold it. Hmmph. No more folding. Knead. Not fold. It was ciabatta and v tasty, don’t get me wrong. But it wasn’t three-days-in-the-making good.

On another note, I am quite proud of some invitations I designed for Kristina’s engagement party. I can’t post them here, because she hasn’t seen them yet. But they’re freaking awesome. Don’t you want to hire me to design stuff for you? Come ON people, I put down a deposit for Anne’s wedding, now I’m gonna have to pay the rest!

On another note, my sister is evil. She called me last night to say Ellie didn’t say hi. She and Rob and my mom are in LA visiting my sweetest pumpkinhead baby niece and I want to be there! Argh! But it’s okay…must calm down…I will go in late June and by that time, Ellie will have forgotten ALL about evil Aunt Jenny and all thoughts will be pushed aside in favor of lovely Aunt Pam. Yay Aunt Pam! She is the best!


So my new website is live, and dangit, people, go look at it! And send it to people who are getting married or who just got married!

Thank you.


Ohhh, the pain. Last night I dropped the very very very heavy headboard on my toes. It hurt. It still hurts. Curses. I don’t think anythings broken, though. Not that it’d matter. But ow. Ow ow ow.

Today we’re supposed to be getting our new mattress set. A month after we ordered it. Argh. They said a week. Hmmph.

Tonight I’m supposed to have dinner with my dear friend Laurie. She is v v v v pregnant. I hope she doesn’t go into labor during dinner. I have a feeling she wouldn’t mind if she did. She sounds so uncomfortable – it’s a miracle people have more than one kid.

Last night we watched Project Runway. Once again, &*@#*$ Santino gets away with it. I loathe him. But I was happy with the outcome nonetheless. (Well, the winning design was frankly bizarre, but at least it wasn’t Santino’s.)

I took some Tylenol PM last night to help me sleep with my agonizing toe-pain. I don’t think it’s worn off yet. I forget I should really only take one at a time. Oops. Zzzzz.


Eight days! Eight days! Eight days!

Hard to believe it’s this close, eh? So exciting!

And yet, I still have not much to say. I think unless you want to know about centerpieces and cakes and flowers and programs etc etc you wouldn’t find what’s floating around in my brain very interesting.

And you know the only other thing I’m thinking about right now…FOUR DAYS TO ELLIE!


Okay, okay, sorry Renny for not posting more. I’ve been busy! Sheesh!

I can’t remember where I am when I wake up in the morning – New Orleans? Baton Rouge? Don’t know where my clothes are. Can’t find things. This is very difficult. I can’t wait til it’s all over and I can go home for good. Not that it isn’t nice to spend time with my mom – it’s awesome. But it’s getting to be very stressful. Sigh.

Anyway, Sunday was my lingerie shower. Oooh la la! I certainly won’t be posting pictures from THAT shower! Tee hee. It was so much fun. It was at my Aunt Deanne’s house. We had yummy food (get this – chicken salad WITHOUT CELERY! That’s my kind of chicken salad!) and a really pretty cake and wine and lots of my friends came. It was so nice. My cousin’s wife Lottie, who co-hosted it, even made me (yes, MADE me) bath salts and lotion and soaps, all wedding-themed. They smell like wedding cake, which could be very dangerous. Must remember, it’s not edible.

Today I got four wedding presents in the mail. I gotta say, this wedding thing is really nice. I love getting mail, I love getting presents, and getting presents in the mail? Unbeatable.

I also got our marriage license today. Eeeep!!!

Went trick-or-treating tonight with Teresa and her two year old niece Veronica. She is the cutest thing, just babble, babble, babble. We were both bunnies. I turned her on to Smarties (just go ahead and send me the dental bills.) I can’t wait until my niece is that old and talking!

Speaking of the most exciting thing of all…Ellie’ll be here a week from tomorrow!!!!

Here’s something to hold y’all till then, the cutest octopus ever: