Living room

Let’s walk through my living room so you can see what needs to be changed.

Starting from the corner by the stairs and the door to the bedrooms/bathroom.

You can see the mantle, which I don’t want to mess with. Except there’s a mirror in front of it – it’s just a mantle on the wall, no hole or anything, so I’m not sure what else I could do there, but I’m open to suggestions. You can also see I finally got the door way to our bedroom finished. George and his dad started that project 6 years ago. Now it can finally be painted.
A straight-on view of the mantle. The color you see to the right is the color I’ll be painting the whole room.
Moving clockwise around the room. The mark on the floor is where a wall used to be, originally. I kind of like it, it shows the history of the house. In any case, we have to get other parts of the floor fixed eventually, so you can just ignore the floor altogether.
I love my sofa. It’s dark gray from IKEA.
I should be emotionally attached to this table, it was my mom’s, and then I used it growing up, but I kind of hate it. It’s tiny and useless and ugly. So I want to get rid of it. I’ve painted it so many times it’s probably an inch bigger than it was originally. 😛
Behind the curtains are the front doors of the house. We don’t use those doors, but we also don’t want to completely block them. But I’m open to changing how we “cover” them, which we do for privacy, mostly. I hate that coffee table.
The old radio. I think George might be open to getting rid of it. I don’t really care if we do keep it, but it just takes up space and is generally useless.
I actually like our TV stand, though the cords from the Wii make me crazy. I may just end up moving the Wii (and another TV we have) into the boys’ room. Which I always resisted, but they don’t play it all that much anyway.
The area to the right of the TV stand. Note a bin of Wii shit on the floor. Random shelves on the wall. That’s all going away.

So here’s what I do know…

Paint color: Dolphin Fin by Behr (also what we painted our kitchen, so I know I like it.) Is it weird to have the kitchen and living room the same color? I don’t really care, because the light is so different and they’re on different floors. So I think it’s okay.

I want to get rid of the coffee table. We don’t really use one, except for storage. Can we just do without, and have end tables instead?

Since the TV stand is staying, should we stick to that dark wood tone for the end tables and any other furniture? I think it would look nice with the pale gray.

What about curtains? We want to get some for the windows behind the sofa, but I’m not sure what to get. Gray? White? A pattern with an accent color?

I wouldn’t mind doing something fun with the end tables and/or lamps. What about wall decor? Anything can go or be moved that you see on the walls now. What about storage? Should we add some?

We won’t be putting a rug down, because of allergies.

Advice, links, recommendations, places to look…I’m just overwhelmed. And I’m going to have to do this slowly.


Whatcha got?

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