Everything else about NYC

BlogHer was the reason I went to New York, but I want to make sure I don’t forget all of the other details of my trip…IMG_3243

Ate at some amazing restaurants. The Spotted Pig had the most incredible corn soup. At Kesté, we ate maybe the best pizza I’ve ever had. I had Korean food for the first time ever. We had Thai. I can’t even remember what all I ate, but it was all delicious. Oh yeah, I finally had a Shake Shack burger! Totally worth the wait. Especially the bun.

I walked a ton. Finally made it all the way to the top of Central Park. Went running with a coworker in Central Park as well. Saw coordinating black and white dogs.

Speaking of black and white dogs, got to hang out with my coworker and her dog, Francis, in Hoboken.


Went to a work reception thing after BlogHer, got to hang out with more coworkers.


Had some time to kill before my flight, so I went and saw Trainwreck. (Hilarious!)

Oh, more food: had brunch with some non-work friends that I never get to see. Ate potato waffles topped with poached eggs and some green sauce. So so so good. Got loved up by this sweet baby:


On the way home, got upgraded to first class, and almost sat next to Elizabeth Moss on the plane. (Some guy took her seat accidentally but she let him keep it. Curses! Just as well, since I’d just spilled red wine in my lap.)

Friday five

1. I got the boys new water bottles, and boy, are they excited about them.

You can get some too, from JLD Designs2. Super reasonable price.

2. Shhh, don’t tell, but I’m taking the boys to see Inside Out after camp today. They’re kinda obsessed with it. I like to think because it looks like an intelligent film, but really it’s because they want the Disney Infinity 3.0 game and the characters are in that set. Or something like that.

3. I’m going to BlogHer in NYC next month! I’m so excited. I’ll be working at the WordPress.com booth, so if you’re going, be sure to stop by!

Dangit, why did I start this post with a title? I don’t have two more interesting things to say. Let’s see.

Oh yeah, this is cute:

4. There was a display for the new Peanuts movie. Linus was happy.


5. Got a meal box from Blue Apron yesterday, cooked the first meal for George and I. While I appreciated that the mashed potatoes included a little bottle of heavy cream, I still think I prefer Hello Fresh. We’ll see how the next two meals go. (PS Use the code R7KT4K with HelloFresh and get $40 off your first box. Full disclosure, that would give me $20 off a box for me as well.)