One twenty seven

Soccer and flossing. This is 10 years and seven months.

The last ten July 4 pictures, just for fun.

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And bonus: I made these culottes/shorts for myself for the 4th.


The picture keeps freaking me out because the wood floor looks like my right leg, which is really behind my left leg. Anyway, you might not be able to see, but the fabric is navy with white stars. This was taken at my friend Steph’s house and I love how warm and New Orleans-y her kitchen is.

Month 103


Yep, Linus is back to brown. And Oliver was supposed to be, but when I saw his lip quiver after I pulled the box of brown dye out, I just couldn’t do it. I gave him a boost of blue instead, but the understanding that in a few weeks, it’s back to brown. (And Linus’s is too light, I need to fix that too.)

Anyway, happy Fourth of July!

Desperate and pathetic post

Soooo, who wants to spend their Fourth of July with me and three little angels? George thinks he may have to go into work on Friday, and the thought of being by myself in the house all day on a holiday with the boys makes me want to scream or throw up. So please, hang out with me. Come over. Give me some ideas of things to do. Pleeease! I wish my mom was in Baton Rouge, we’d just go there, but she’s at the beach this week. Lucky!

The boys seem to be on the mend, but we kept them home from daycare today anyway, just in case. Plus, I had a dentist appointment this morning (most painful filling EVER) and this afternoon I have to go to the WIC office to get more vouchers. So we kept them home, because if the daycare would have called for us to pick them up, we would have been in a bind.

Nothing much else going on here….