Zoo pics

Some more pics from the zoo yesterday. Still loving my new lens!

It’s funny because for the past seven years, we had zoo memberships but the boys weren’t interested in going. And when we did, it was mostly to ride the carousel or the train. So we let the membership lapse. But ever since they had their time at the zoo for school, they’re obsessed and have been dying to go back. So we renewed our membership yesterday and actually went around and looked at animals.

These are the photos that I think are good…

Some muddy animal. Linus could tell you what it is.
Turtles on a log. If you don’t look for the fence in the background, it could almost look natural. Ish.
Sleeping macaw.
Giraffe. (I guess I didn’t really need to label this one, huh?)
George the peacock. Apparently all the peacocks at Audubon Zoo are named George. (Foreman? Not sure.)

And here are the photos that I just find amusing.

They all wanted to pose in front of their favorite animals. Oliver is excited about the sun bear.
Linus wanted a neck like a giraffe.
Miles loves the spider monkeys because they use their tails like hands. Linus was just ready.to.go.
Dancing in front of the Jaguar Jungle sign.

New lens fun

I recently decided to sell two of my lenses so that I could get a much better lens. I found a great deal on an L-series lens (which I’d previously only dreamt of, never imagining I would ever have my own) and pulled the trigger.

Canon 24-105mm f4
Look at that gorgeous red band.

It’s a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L, and it’s exquisite. Yes, it doesn’t open quite as much as my beloved 85mm f1.8 that I traded in, but the photos are so crisp, I have absolutely no regrets. And now I have a much wider range of focal lengths than I had before.

One of the reasons I wanted to get this lens was so I wouldn’t have to lug around several lenses when we go to England this summer. I’m determined to only bring one carry on roller bag, so these are the tough decisions I have to make. Heh.

Here are a few very random shots I’ve taken with this lens. The weather’s been icky so I haven’t been able to play with it as much as I’d like, but in conjunction with my recent body upgrade (that’s camera body) I’m pretty smitten with photography again.

(You can click to view at full size to see how freaking clear they are!)

IMG_2788  IMG_2678IMG_2751