V cute things (old and new)


A story Oliver wrote and illustrated several years back. It’s a short story, but you might be surprised at how much action he managed to pack into it. It’s titled THE BOY. Are you ready for this?

I mean, that’s pretty profound, eh?

If I had to guess, it was around the time I was cooking this with some frequency. Don’t let this FICTIONAL TALE deter you. It’s quite delicious.


Fifth grade school pics! Awwww.

I swear I brushed Linus’s hair that morning.
Ollie refuses to show his teeth.
Ol’ dimply Miles!

Fourth grade!

Got the school pics back. Now you know why I only buy the cheapest package. Maybe one day they’ll smile for real. Still cute, I suppose.



PreK-4 pic

Just the one. I only got Oliver’s back, and there were supposed to be retakes, but it was a tumultuous year for their school, so I never got them (or the others.) But in the interest of completion…I’ll put it here three times. 😀