March 15, 2016


In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, some pictures I took of the clover at soccer practice. It had exploded everywhere, just in time.


Ugh, I’m a terrible blogger! Sorry ’bout that.

Not much to report. The boys are cooing and smiling and being generally pretty cheerful. It’s very nice. They are definitely morning people. How did that happen?

For the past two nights, they went seven hours between feedings! It was awesome. That made for about six hours of sleep.

Okay, I wrote the above on Sunday evening. Now I can say that they went six hours between feedings last night…still good! I’m not complaining! If we can keep this up, I may be able to retain my sanity when I go back to work full time on April 7. Fingers crossed.

On Saturday I took the boys (along with about 10 of our friends) to the St Patricks Day parades uptown. It was quite the adventure. We took a double and a single stroller, so it wasn’t too obvious that we had triplets, because there was usually a good distance between the two strollers. But there were times when we would walk alongside each other and then…lots of attention. But the boys handled it with grace. Heh.

I really wish I’d brought my camera with us. The boys had their first streetcar ride! Very exciting.