London and Manchester 2017

How lucky am I? The second time in a year to go to my favorite place on Earth, and this time, no one was barfing all over the Airbnb. (Okay, honestly, nothing could ever beat our trip last Christmas, but that was definitely a low point.)

This trip was for work. My team (the Happiness Hiring team, also known as Athena) met up in London to work on things, and then we went to Manchester for a couple of nights for an event. It was very busy, but what better place to be busy? Plus, we’d just made our three European teammates (Dan, Cécile, and Hannah) travel to Canada for the Grand Meetup, so it was only fair we went to them this time. We’re so kind and generous.

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Full color ink

It’s unlike me to not blog about this right away, but last month when we were at the Grand Meetup, I got tattooed again. Sorta.


You might recognize the three bunnies from my post two years ago.


Decided to gussy ’em up a bit. I had been thinking about color for a while, but couldn’t decide what to do. I didn’t want to just color each bunny in with the boys’ colors (I actually did it with sharpies once and it just looked blah and weird.)

When our company trip to Whistler was being planned, a group of us again talked about getting tattoos. I was looking at the tattoo shop’s website and was immediately drawn to one artist’s style. She did these gorgeous watercolor tattoos and I knew that’s what I wanted. Color that was messy and swirly and unique. (Like triplets? Okay, maybe trying too hard there.)

When the day came, we picked out some colors and she went to town. OH MY GOD it hurt. It hurt for weeks, actually. And the healing process was not pretty. Oh boy. But now, just over a month later, it’s finally ready for its unveiling.

The bunnies are green, blue, and red. The blue and the green are fairly close. I might go back to Auberon next year (if we end up back at Whistler) and have her touch up the colors to make them more contrasty, but I’m not that bothered. The only thing that bothers me is that not long after I did this, the boys changed their hair colors. Oh well, the tattoo is here to stay!


Getting inked

My very talented colleague Michelle (I mean, just check out her blog, it is the best) took some behind-the-scenes photos of my tattoo experience last week. Pretty cool!

More tattoo pics here.

applying the stencil
hold stilllllll
more ouch
all done!


My dad would probably hate this

But I got another tattoo today. It’s to honor his memory.

He hated his tattoo. But I like to think he’d like this anyway. Or appreciate it. Or not be too terribly mad at me for getting it.


It’s a spade (that’s what his tattoo was) made of the number 42 (his lucky number.)


Dang it’s hot! But I ran today. For the first time since Friday. 3.5 miles, twice around the park. Walked a lot of it, actually, but I don’t care. Curious thing – I get blisters when I walk, but not when I run. Wonder if that’s a sign? I figured out, though, that I don’t care if I don’t get any better while in New Orleans this summer, only that I maintain running at all. Then, when I get to the cooler weather of Boston, I can work on improving whatever. I still want to do the London Marathon again next year, so I can’t slack off completely. Not that I want to or anything.

Here’s a picture of my tattoo for those interested.