September 25, 2001

Kristina’s not feeling well, so I went running by myself yesterday. It wasn’t so bad – it’s been a while since I’ve run alone that I wasn’t sure if it was going to be totally boring or what. I suppose it’s a good thing it wasn’t bad because I’ll certainly be doing those 12, 15, and 18 mile runs alone. Oh yeah, and Kristina’s ruled out a 10K, so that means anything over 5 miles will probably be just me. Fun! And since Daylight Savings Time will be ending soon, (or is it starting? I never understood that) I’ll have to do all my running during the week in the mornings. On the plus side, though, it’ll be cool enough to do my weekend runs in the afternoon instead of waiting until the sun goes down.

Anyway, about my run yesterday – I had a bit of a tough time pacing myself. It’s easier to slow down when you have someone next to you telling you to. I may have run too fast, which hopefully is why I could only run a mile at a time yesterday. I don’t want to think I’m backtracking, especially when the weather’s cooling down. However, when I went for my run yesterday, it wasn’t cool yet, so today might be the day!

One thing that sucked about yesterday’s run – my radio was broken, and I didn’t notice until I had gone too far to turn back, so I had to carry it the whole way. That was annoying. If I’m going to run alone, I need something to listen to. I feel like it’s okay to do that in the park, since it’s pretty safe there.

So in all, I ran around the park once plus about another half mile. Not too bad, and I ran most of it. Took about 27 minutes. The mile I ran was 12:30 or so. Tonight, if I can get out earlier than yesterday, I’m going to go around twice. And Wednesday, I might go to the gym with Ren. What to do, what to do – treadmill? Stationary bike? Strength training? Cross training? Too many choices!