October 24, 2001

There’s nothing much to say about these early morning runs anymore. I mean, they’re getting easier, I think, or I’m getting used to waking up so early. Today it was pretty humid, which sucked. And Kristina and I took Tylenol PM last night to help us sleep so we both were pretty groggy when we got started, but we woke up about halfway through the run. I tell you, it’s not a bad way to start a run. That way, you’re only really awake for part of it, and the first half is only a blur. Ha ha. Don’t worry, we’re not going to become addicted to Tylenol PM.

I think we also went faster today because we hit our normal halfway point at 12 minutes, not 15, like we did on Monday. So we went a bit further today. It didn’t even seem harder! Nice. Before I went to work, I drove our route (which on Mondays and Wednesdays is the neighborhood route, plus a few extra blocks) and found that the running part was 2.4 miles. So that means our speed today was 4.8 miles per hour, which is a 12:30 mile. Yay! Improvement!

On a horrifically sad note, our friend Anne’s (who we lived in London with) dad was diagnosed yesterday with terminal cancer. Annie lives in New York City now, and is flying in tomorrow to be with her family and friends for a few days. Her dad is a really really sweet man (he helped me get out a speeding ticket – he is forever in my debt) and I am very sad about all this. Why do dads always have to die? Sigh. Anyway, obviously our trip to Houston is out of the question, but that’s okay. Houston will always be there.