October 25, 2001

Ran at the park again today. Chilly today, at last. But with the humidity being as low as it was, I got pretty thirsty. You just can’t win! Well, give me cool weather any day. Plus I got to run in my new prescription sunglasses, which was exciting. I think those will be my running glasses. Let’s just hope I’ll need them for the marathon (i.e., it’s not raining…but cloudy would be okay, so I shouldn’t say that.) I think you could say we did a little fartleking today. (Can anyone really say that seriously, with a straight face?) Kristina is getting a bit frustrated with our lack of speed so we did a bit of running faster in spots. She didn’t really understand the point, but whenever I try to explain something to her, her eyes either glaze over or she gets defensive and argues with me (no matter how many books I’ve read it in.) It gets somewhat frustrating. But I feel like we’re getting stronger, as the 30 minutes is getting easier. Next week I’m going to suggest running for 32 minutes or something. And on Saturday, I’d like to run 45 minutes. On the levee, maybe.

Anne’s coming in today, we’re picking her up at the airport this afternoon (in the MardiGrasStore.com limo, yessireeee) and bringing her to a restaurant where she’s having dinner with her family. Her dad’s starting radiation treatments today, which may indicate that his cancer is treatable? Otherwise, what’s the point? Hopefully…

Also…if you haven’t checked out The Reluctant Runner website yet, you have to! Mike’s my male counterpart across the pond…training for the London Marathon, just starting out…(but already doing better than me. sigh!)