October 26, 2001

*#$%*&@! Oh, the pain! Today was our off day, but not that it matters. Even if we hadn’t scheduled it as such, today would have been an enforced rest day, just as the next week or two are going to be…

Last night, Kristina and I went out to eat dinner and as the hostess was walking us to our table, I did not notice a small step down to the section we were headed to. So I fell. Of course I fell! Not only did I fall down this little 3 inch step, I also fell off my 3 inch shoes. Not heels, just platform-y sandals. And twisted the crap out of my left foot. It’s always my left foot. When I fell off a curb in London, it was my left foot. When I totalled my car, the only casualty was my left foot. Sigh. (How many times can you say “my left foot” without thinking of that movie? Zero.)

It is now painful, very painful. Not purple yet, I still have that to look forward to (well, at least that’s dramatic) but I can’t put any weight on it. I have to hop to get around. Last night I took two Tylenol PM because the pain was so bad and I still didn’t sleep well. Gary (my friend Ren’s husband who’s a fourth year med student – they live downstairs) said it’s not broken, just bruised, thank God. Ren hurt her ankle in a bicycle accident a few weeks ago herself. Sigh.

At least this didn’t happen two months from now. And I learned a very very valuable lesson – I will not be wearing anything but the flattest shoes when I start the actual marathon training. I suppose this will be my time for strength training.