October 29, 2001

My foot’s not purple! Wonder if that’s a good thing or if it doesn’t really mean anything? Actually, I wish it was, since Kristina laughs (rather cruelly, I think) at me whenever I ask her if it’s purple yet. Hmmph. I just want some drama! Ha ha. Well, it’s definitely feeling better today, so I’m not so worried. I can walk on it (but I suppose I shouldn’t) and it’s not too bad. And on Saturday, I was standing on my tippy toes trying to get something out of my closet and I felt something pop in my foot and a muscle on the side of my calf cramped. But my foot felt much better. So today, my calf is sore but my foot doesn’t hurt. Gary says I stretched a ligament or tendon (in a good way) so I’m not worried. Hopefully, it’ll be better by next week. Enough to go walking, at least, if not running? Hmmm.

This was a pretty busy weekend, so I didn’t have much time to rest, unfortunately. Anne came in Thursday night, then our friend John came in Saturday afternoon, and Anne’s friend Rebecca came in last night. And everyone stayed with us last night, so we have a full house right now. Saturday night we went to the French Quarter in our costumes and the Popeye’s box (don’t ask) we made for Anne’s sister Becky (in five minutes, for free) was a much bigger hit than mine and Kristina’s expensive, time-consuming teabags. Ah well. Typical.

So I guess for the next few days, this will be my “foot journal” rather than my running journal. Fun!