Truckfuls of snow were brought to City Park today, and we took the boys to play in it. They were wary at first, but soon got into the snowball-throwing spirit. Here’s Oliver getting pelted by one.

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  1. Dodge34

    Hum, snow tourists, its nothing compared to the snow storm received in London, Ontario (Canada), HWY 402 was shutdown (major blizzard filled the road with snow and wind so fast people were stuck in it) for 4 days with people stuck in their cars and trucks, they got rescued by the Canadian Army with Helicopters and snowmobiles. They received around 4,2ft of snow in less than 3 days last week. So let me laugh about your snowstorms, nothing compares to what can happen in Canada, even where I am (next to Montreal, Quebec) we have more than enough snow this year, compared to last year were we had a green christmas in Montreal area (very uncommon here)


  2. Liska

    I know our snow doesn’t compare to Canada but do some investigation and see how it’s effected people travelling in and out due to airport closures…

    Due to no snow for over 20 years the government sold a lot of our snow equipment and now can’t cope

    We had people stuck on a train overnight and neither emergency services nor the army rescued them… yet they would if it was a cat up a tree:

    Look at the chaos here and please don’t laugh about our snow:

    worst snow since 1981 just to put it into perspective “jeopardising the holiday plans of 500,000 Britons”.
    et me laugh about your snowstorm
    If you were visiting English relatives for Christmas and your plane was re-routed to Paris and you then had to wait hours for a Eurostar you wouldn’t be laughing…

    Also as I know other countries get it worse I intentionally did not say “snowstorm” above yet you appear to be quoting me when you say “let me laugh about your snowstorms”…

    I am safe and warm at home with my baby but I write the above as I sympathise with UK residents based on what I am seeing on TV…

    Ironically enough our current weather is flowing from the Canadian arctic…………


  3. Dodge34

    10in of snow and its extreme weather alert, wow, here in Canada this is just a regular snow storm for us, but I agree on 1 thing, this isn’t normal for United Kingdom. especially in London where snow isn’t really expected and the Country isn’t ready for this kind of thing, here we have all the needed items (snow plowers, snow blowers and heavy machinery to clear the roads)


  4. Rachel

    How fun is that!!!! Just wondering where the snow is trucked in from???? I’m a Northerner and did not realize this was something that happened!!!! How long does it last? Is this something done very often???
    A very curious Northerner!


  5. Dodge34

    Liska, sorry if I didn’t express it like I should have, I know you got such a severe weather condition in your country, I didn’t want to hurt any of the people from London or in United Kingdom at all. I just wanted to let you know we had lot more snow than what you had, maybe I explained it wrong (I speak French and sometimes I don’t express things like they should be when I write in english)


  6. kellybranigan

    the “truck loads of snow brought in” made me chuckle. I live in the “snowbelt” area of northern michigan. I can not imagine having snow delivered. I see it everyday. If you would like me to ship some to you, just let me know.


    mother to a little man named Linus


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