February 19, 2002

Didn’t run today. Am sick. Throat hurts, stuffed nose. Nothing major, but it makes it very difficult to sleep, and I hardly think running is going to help. (Am I wrong? Aren’t you supposed to rest when you have a virus like a cold?) Right now I feel okay, feel like I could go run (if it weren’t for work) but at 6:45 this morning, when I was woken from a really deep sleep (the first in days) by my alarm clock, with my head full of cotton and my throat all scratchy and sore, I didn’t feel like I could. Tomorrow?

I remembered a few more things from the half-marathon.
1. We got oranges at mile 9 or so. Yummy! Chris didn’t like them because the citric acid burned his lips. Wuss!
2. Hmmm, that may be all that I remembered. I forgot what I remembered, apparently.