Went running today. Finally! And it was a good run. At least by my recent standards. Kristina came with me and because it was so hot, we decided to do the run 4 minutes, walk 1 minute. Piece of cake. Well, Kristina wasn’t having any of it after one loop of the park, so I went another half mile or so while she waited for me. I felt better about myself after the run. I was afraid I’d never want to run again after the marathon, but I don’t think that’ll be the case after all. However, my big toenail on my right foot is turning a rather becoming shade of greenish-turquoise with yellow accents, but it doesn’t hurt, so I don’t mind. Thank god for nail polish.

So Kristina and I got back last night from New York. I loved it! It wasn’t nearly as scary or intimidating as I’d imagined. My view of Manhattan now is of a giant network of Oxford Streets, though. Which, in spite of the shopping, is one of my least favorite streets in London. So I don’t think I’ll be moving to Manhattan any time soon, although Kristie almost had me (and herself) convinced to on Saturday night.

So our trip. Here’s the story:

Thursday: Got off the airplane, got herded into a taxi. Turned out to be an unmarked Lincoln Towncar. The driver put our luggage in the trunk and disappeared. Certainly, we thought, we would be dead shortly. Fortunately, two other girls (from England) got in the car too, as they were headed in the same general direction. We were all a bit scared, but whatever. Adventure #1. Kristina was convinced our driver had Mafia connections, as he kept talking about car theft and wanting to kill someone. Ah well. We were almost to Anne’s house when the car clipped another taxi parked on the side of the road. Naturally, the driver leapt out of the car and began to argue with the driver of the other taxi. I kept my head down in case of gunfire, but fortunately, no one was injured or killed. I wonder if they don’t just make these scenes just for the tourists. Whatever. When we got to Anne’s house, we hung out for a little while, but didn’t go out.

Friday: Anne had to work, so Kristina and I went to Pret (!) for lunch and wandered around a bit before meeting Marianne at Penn Station. We found her, then went back to Anne’s on the subway. I liked the New York subway, or at least I appreciated it, but I think the London Underground is far superior. Naturally, I would think that, though. After dropping Marianne’s luggage off, we considered going to the top of the Empire State Building, but the lines were too long, so instead we went to an Irish pub nearby. After that, we went downtown to meet Anne at her office for “happy hour,” which entailed sitting in the conference room of her office with a beer and her boss and talking about law. Normally would have been boring, but hey, free beer. Hoegarden, no less. After that, we went to some historic old pub near her office. Then to some famous pizza place (Johnny’s?). Then to some famous old speakeasy bar (Clancy’s?). Then to some other bar (Blind Tiger Ale House?). (Will fill in the details later, just want to jot it all down now.) Then home and to bed.

Saturday: Breakfast at a diner near Anne’s house. Had omelettes, nothing too New York-y there. Then walked around, to Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station, etc. Took the subway to Battery Park, looked at the Statue of Liberty. Took the ferry to Staten Island. Took the ferry back. Went to get yummy french fries at this Belgian fry place. Mmmm. Went back to Anne’s for our big night out. Got dressed, took a taxi to a bar called Bliss on 49th. (don’t I sound knowledgeable when I say things like “on 49th?” yeah, i think so too.) After that, we went to meet Kristie at an unnamed bar in the Village (ooh, that sounds like I know something too, huh?) which was lots of fun. We stayed there for several rounds of drinks, which is where I made the drunken pact with Kristie to move to NYC instead of Boston. After that, to a bar next door called Kush, where Kristie and I talked to some Ken-doll lookalike who was nauseating. Then had pizza at some place nearby. Yum.

Sunday, went to have bagels at some uh, bagel place on the um Lower East side? (I could be making that up, but it sounds good.) Anne and Kristina went back to Anne’s after that, and Kristie, Marianne and I walked down Broadway so Kristie and I could get fake designer purses. We finally found some, I got a (as Kristie and I said) “Kate Spode” and Kristie got a “Prado” purse and “Kate Spode” wallet. Unfortunately, they actually say Kate Spade and Prada, so it’s not nearly as funny. Went back to the apartment after our shopping to prepare for Meat Fest. Anne had booked us a table at this Brazilian barbecue place near her house, and we had to eat lots of meat. There were yummy appetizers (fresh mozzerella, boiled shrimp, other stuff) then the main attraction is these guys who walk around with huge skewers full of meat. Lamb, steak, chicken, sausages, even a suckling pig. It was good, but I won’t be needing to eat meat for a long, long time. After that, we could only go back to Anne’s and lie on the couch, moaning, which was fine by me.

Monday: Walked around. Went to Bloomingdales, Trump Tower, FAO Schwartz, walked through the lobby of the Plaza Hotel. Walked a bit through Central Park (gorgeous!) and then to the Carnegie Deli. Had half of a yummy pastrami sandwich (more meat! geez!) and Kristina had (half) a liverwurst sandwich that was, literally, as big as her head. Incredible. As if we weren’t full enough after lunch, Anne insisted we go to this diner near her house that had banana split milkshakes. Just to fill in the cracks. Blech. Kristina and I had to leave right after lunch, and let me say, walking to the bus station with heavy suitcases (not on rollers, thank you) wanting to barf up pastrami and chocolate malt is not the most pleasant experience. But we survived. Yay! I heart ny!