Hmmm. According to the US News & World report (via the Blogger.com homepage), “The best bloggers weigh in on social and political issues, report nuggets of information that the national media miss or suppress, and provide links to other bloggers with something sharp to say.” Hmmm. Talk about making me feel inferior. Okay, fine, I’ll start providing links to social and political issues. Righty-oh. Think I’ll start with The Onion. Oh, forget it. This was never meant to be hip like those other blogs anyway. In fact, I don’t know why I’d want to be that kind of blog anyway. I read them and get instantly annoyed by the writer’s pseudo-hip pretentious observations on these issues that I couldn’t care less about.

So, yeah, back to my life. Still, nothing much going on. I did get a few little things accomplished so far today. Called the girl that’s moving into our apartment when we move out. Her boyfriend wants some of our furniture. Now, see how complicated my life is now. I’m concerned that he’s going to want my sofa. But he can’t have my sofa. I love my sofa. Even though I could really use the money. So the biggest issue in my life right now is steering him towards Kristina’s sofa. God, I love life. Also, contacted Debbie’s boss about doing some work for him. Left a message on his voicemail. Ooh, need to find a cheap ISP for when Kristina’s free Tulane account runs out. Now, this may all seem like trifling stuff, but I couldn’t manage to get any of it done yesterday. But I’m not feeling any guilt about my laziness yet, so I’m just going to enjoy it.

Might have to go to Baton Rouge tomorrow. It’s the fourth anniversary of my father’s death. I’d like to put a golf ball or two on his grave, but the real reason I’d go is for my mom. The Catholic/Italian mother guilt really kicks in this time of year. I don’t feel any burning need to go to the cemetery to honor him or anything, it’s all just symbolic, really, but if it’ll make her feel better, then I’ll do it.