May 31, 2002

Okay, so now the stress of unemployment is getting to me. Sort of. Still no word from the first temp agency I signed up with, so I called another one today, and I have an appointment for Tuesday, so maybe this one will be better. Yeesh. It’s been three weeks now since I’ve worked and I’m completely broke. Bleccch.

Yesterday was the two mile race. I didn’t go, because it was raining. Plus, I was feeling lazy (a bit of unemployment sloth.) Whatever. We went to Jazzland yesterday, and like the last time we went, it started to rain hard so we left after a couple of hours. The upside of it for me was I was able to avoid going on the big rollercoaster, which I was absolutely dreading. I hate the free-fall part, and Kristina wasn’t going to let me wuss out of it. Hmmph.

Taking George to Baton Rouge to meet my mom tomorrow. Eeep!

Oh yeah, and I went running today. Just got back. One lap of the park, but fast. Did one quarter mile in 2:35 or so. 10 minute mile, yeah, and in this heat! Once fall rolls around (and I’m in Boston) I’ll be much faster! Yay!