First day of work

Woo hoo! First day today! Well, this afternoon. And only for maybe an hour. Paperwork and stuff. But tomorrow and Wednesday and Saturday will be longer days. Yay! Exciting! Since I have to go in at four today, I’m going to go to the park early this afternoon, do two loops. I’m feeling very blah and gross and PMS-y. Sorry guys. Not much else to do, anyway. I do need to find an apartment, but the ones advertised are all available immediately, which is too soon.

Oh, big news! I think, not positive, but pretty sure, that Tatum got married. Woah! Well, her fiancee was in town for two days or something before he had to go to Afghanistan, and I guess they thought, why wait until he gets back? I don’t care if it’s for benefits or what, but that’s incredibly romantic. The photos Ann sent me were so beautiful. I’m so happy for her. I can only assume that they’re going to have a big reception or something when Jay gets back. They’d better! But I have to talk to her first, before I start spreading rumors. Ooops! Too late!