Am sleepy. Verrry sleeepy.

Spent Friday evening at Terry’s house, watching TV. Cable! Yeah! Got up at 5:30 on Saturday morning for my long run. 18 miles. Got to the park, where several buses were disgorging groups of runners with numbers. But oddly, there were no cars. It was pitch-black outside. It was surreal, but I found out a little while later that it was a private race for a bunch of convention attendees.

Got through my 18 miles in just under 4 hours, including stops to stretch (my knee, worryingly, really hurt at the beginning, but I guess I either stretched the pain away or, more likely, slaughtered it with several Advil. Several times.) Am happy with the time, at this rate, I won’t have any problem beating my London time.

The temperature, unfortunately, has warmed back up, so even though my run started off in cool weather, it ended up in full sun. To be fair, though, it wasn’t quite as hot as usual.

After the run, I went shopping with Terry and her friends (and George’s neighbors) Jen and Drew. Fun, but exhausting. Got some new sheets for very cheap. Yay! Love new sheets!

After that, I was able to rest for a few minutes before we went to dinner with Nick and Annie in Lafitte. Yummy dinner, great company, went to the pub afterwards, overall great night even though I drank too many beers and was absolutely exhausted. I don’t know how I’m going to make it through next Saturday. Set off the alarm at George’s house afterwards. Oops!

This afternoon, George and I rode our bikes (!!! George rode his bike!!!! it was sunny!!!!) to the Gretna Heritage Fest, about 5 miles away. Ate ice cream, listened to bands, walked around, rode the Spider. Felt nauseous. I’m getting old. I used to love those rides!

Am now very very tired. Must go to sleeeeeep.

Shooot. Just reread a bit of my London Marathon training journal, and I have clearly gotten very lazy when it comes to writing in my blog. Dang, I wrote much more interesting things before! Must…try…to…get…more…interesting…