Gonna have a brother-in-law someday…as long as my sister doesn’t turn psycho about wedding planning. Yep, my sister finally got the ring that my mom brought to Rob while we were in DC. We were beginning to wonder if Rob was going to hock it instead of giving it to Jenny. Fortunately, we won’t have to visit the pawn shops of northern Virginia to keep it in the family. (Of course Bill’s brother Mike would be a good place to start – he manages a pawn shop in Woodbridge, VA.)

So I’ll get to be the maid of honor. I wonder if my Aunt Deanne is going to be mad that Jenny got engaged first? She did, after all, promise me a mega-blowout engagement party if I got engaged first. (For my aunt, it’s some kind of contest that she wants me to win. I mean, so did I, but George might need a bit more time. Like decades. Hmm.)

Anyway, we had a nice weekend too. Worked (sorta) on Friday, went to Baton Rouge Friday night to see Chris off (sad and a very long wait at the Chimes) and then back to New Orleans Saturday morning for Laurie’s bridal luncheon and then to Anne’s house to hang out with her and then to the bachelorette party and then finally a bit of rest on Sunday and then to Bonnie’s house for a Christmas open house and then to Whole Foods to grocery shop (my favorite grocery store ever – remind me to tell you about how rich I want to be…oh heck I’ll just tell you now…I only want to be well-off enough to be able to regularly grocery shop at Whole Foods and prices be damned…okay, that’s pretty darn wealthy, so I’m going to pray that the office pool for the Powerball pays off…) and boy, was it a busy weekend. But fun, like I said. We went to Lola’s, a delicious Spanish restaurant for the bachelorette party (well, that’s not all, we did manage to make it to the Quarter for an hour or two) and had divine paella, one of my favorite foods ever.

Birthday is a week from Friday. Am excited, but I’ll be 29 – it’s my last twentysomething birthday!