This one’s for Renny.

This one’s for Renny…

(And it’ll be dull, but that’s kind of a trademark of our friendship anyway. Dull conversations.)

So last night George and I went to Whole Foods so he could do his fancy grocery shopping and I could buy a few things so I could feel rich. He bought me a salad for dinner because Whole Foods has the best friggin’ salad bar in the city, as far as I know. I had fancy lettuce and spinach with fresh peas (yum!), edamame, roasted pumpkin seeds, a bit of feta dressing, random salad vegetables, fancy olives, shredded zucchini…dang, it was good! They were out of my favorite ingredients (the roasted yams) but it was still worth every point and penny. And that was my second salad of the day. I definitely got my vegetable servings in yesterday.

Polly and I went running this morning. It was hot. I didn’t want to go, but I figured, the more I run, the more I can eat. We didn’t go very far. My left calf was hurting in a weird way. Don’t want to injure myself.

Got some really good cereal at WF yesterday, too. Cinnamon Puffins or something. Crunchy and yummy, but somewhat pointy. Highly fiber-iffic. Could make today interesting. Tee hee!

Am looking forward to this weekend. Love long weekends. Am going to start preparing the bedroom for painting. Decided I’m going to do actual painting next weekend. After Memorial Day. When I can afford paint.

Hope you enjoyed today’s entry, Renny! AIBYY?

Oh yeah. Also I got fresh cherries at WF. Yum yumyumyumyum!