Just call me Sneezy. I think I have another sinus infection. Blech. Wonder if I should go back to the ENT and give him my sob story about how I can’t afford to buy any more Allegra-D. Maybe he’d give me samples. Hmm.

Went back to Curves yesterday after work. I gotta tell you, it isn’t easy. When I signed up, I was all thinking that it was going to be so easy and I would be able to go every day, no problem. But today I definitely need a rest from it. That’s good, though. That means it will do me some good.

Nothing else exciting to report. My life is (blissfully) dull right now. Last night I watched the 1990, 1998, and 1999 shows of “I love the 90s” on VH-1. It’s hilarious.