About to go to dance class. Eeep! Nervous, but excited. Mostly nervous. The worst part will be getting out of my car and walking in the door. The rest is cake, so all I need to do is walk through the door. Actually, the worst part is the wall of mirrors, but who’s counting?

This weekend is my sister’s bachelorette party and there has already been bridesmaid in-fighting. Isn’t that the most fun? So I told the annoying one to shut up, and I magically found a very inexpensive hotel room at a very fancy hotel. Well, I think it’s very fancy. Hotwire tells me so. Anyway, it was a great deal, it’s very close to the Quarter, and you can’t beat that three days before Southern Decadence starts. So I’m excited about it, and I hope my sister is too. (Comments will tell, I’m sure.) It’s got a rooftop pool, too, so I might just pull out my bathing suit (from last year – no, make that 4 years ago) that might be slightly baggy now and get an unhealthy tan and swim in the pool. Oooh, and we should definitely sip margaritas or pina coladas or some sort of frozen beverage. Hmm..