Okay, so I gained .2 this week. I want to say I’m not really concerned. I should be, probably, but I’m not. I know why I gained .2 and didn’t lose this week.

It started with two Krispy Kremes on Saturday morning and swiftly went downhill from there. Granted, the doughnuts were after a brutally hot 5K race that I ran nearly all of. (Can’t end sentence in preposition. Must figure that one out.) But ten points for two delicious rounds of fried, sweet love don’t offset the mere five activity points I earned for the race. So then it was the waffle cone of ice cream at Six Flags. And then later the half of a large pizza at dinner. I wasn’t that hungry. It’s just that it was sitting in front of me and it was so good. (Did I mention the five beers? At least they were light beers. Don’t laugh.)

Anyway, that was just Saturday. Sunday was Mexican food, Monday was leftovers. And so on and so forth.

But today is a fresh start. This week may be difficult, with dinners out and Halloween on Sunday. But I’m going bowling on Friday night. How many activity points is that? Ha ha.

Will be good this week. I swear.