I have yet more wedding pictures to post, but I’m being lazy. As if anyone (including, possibly, my sister) wants to see yet more pictures of the nuptials of Jenny and Rob. But post I will.

Had a fun weekend. Fun! Saturday morning Polly and I ran in a 5K. It was a teeny tiny 5K, maybe 30 people total. We didn’t even get numbers, it was so teeny. But the upside to teeny races is you get a better chance of finishing with a good-sounding place. (Or you could easily finish last.) Fortunately, I didn’t finish last, but I was the 5th female! That is terribly exciting to someone who is usually the 286th female. Okay, so this time there were maybe 10 or 15 females, but still! It was exciting! I didn’t get a medal or anything because they only gave out one award in each age group and a 27 year old girl (who, Polly and I couldn’t help but notice was wearing a THONG under her MESH RUNNING SHORTS) finished ahead of me. Ah well. I even beat Polly! Miracles do happen. She probably let me, but I don’t care!

So the race ends (and I finish in a miserable time of 37:12 – hey, we’re still having a heat wave, in fact the warmest October on record) and then they have door prizes. And this race had lots of door prizes, and since there were only about 30 participants, Polly and I each got prizes! Yay! I won a $20 gift certificate to an Italian restaurant and Polly won two sets of Halloween potholders and dishtowels. She very generously gave me one set of them. Tee hee. Okay, I came out ahead twice in this race. Sorry, Polly.

Anyway, so later, George and I and Polly and Colin went to Six Flags to use the free tickets Polly and I got at a race we did back in April. It was fun. I ate a massive waffle cone of ice cream. I didn’t ride too many rides because I am a wuss but I didn’t care. The log ride really was fun! And we got really wet! And then we rode another ride and got nauseous! And I didn’t realize George really doesn’t like rides that go upside down, until we were strapped into a ride, whirling around and I wondered aloud when we were going to go upside down. Well, the panic in his voice made me laugh, I’m sorry. So I’m an insensitive girlfriend, but it really was funny. Anyway, we only flipped around once or twice.

Saturday night was pub time and I ate HALF of a pizza. God, I love pizza. Pizza is why I will never get to my goal weight. Sigh. It’s worth it, though. Pizza or being thin? Pizza. I would rather have pizza and be fat. (I know, I know, it doesn’t have to be one or the other.)

Sunday was relaxing. Was going to work in the yard, but it is TOO DAMN HOT and I was worn out from Saturday. Then we went and ate Mexican food (hello, lots more points!) and watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. What a great movie. That reminds me, I have to return it tonight. Damn. I hate Blockbuster.