October 22, 2004

Wish I had really interesting things to say, but I really don’t. I went to Curves on Wednesday for my monthly weigh and measure and I gained weight and inches. Not that I really care – it was like half a pound and a quarter of an inch here and there. Considering I had to get weighed and measured two days after my eating orgy ended, not to mention when I’m all PMS-y and bloated, I’m not at all upset about it. (Isn’t “bloated” the most disgusting word?)

See, I told you I had nothing to talk about. Oh wait, I remembered a cool thing. I recently reconnected with an old friend from summer geek camp. (We spent a few weeks living in a dorm on the LSU campus and going to classes. No bonfires or roughing it for us, thank you. Just geek things.) I was browsing through a local alternative newspaper and I came across her name in a gallery listing. Turns out she’s a poet and a writer. And she’s still as funny as she was when we were teenagers. Very exciting. You can check out her stuff at her website.

Yesterday I worked on the yard. I decided to get rid of two bushes in the front yard. They are very scraggly and ugly. Now I just have some ragged bush stumps. Very attractive. Must get out shovel this weekend. If only it would cool down! We have been having record high temps this week. Bleech! Tomorrow morning I have a race and I was really hoping for cool temps. Hmmph.