You know what I hate? When I email a post and it never shows up. And when it was funny. Course, I don’t remember what I said, so I could be over-estimating the quality of the post. But still. So it may show up at some point, and it will be all out of order. Blah.

Anyway. Last night I went to dinner and bowling with Regan, Mandy, and Melissa from Barnes & Noble. Even though I haven’t worked there in a year and a half, I’m glad I have managed to stay friends with them. They are really fun girls. My arm was sore this morning from the bowling, though. (I suck, in case you were wondering. But so did they, so even though I lost the first game with a whopping score of 54, I won the second one with a score of like 76 or something. Thank goodness they were drinking more than me, or else I never would’ve won.)

Today I’ve been working in the yard. It is 87 degrees outside. Hellish. But I dug up some stuff, which is always fun, in preparation for the trees I’m going to plant. I got ten trees for ten dollars from the Arbor Day Foundation, so as soon as they come in, they’ll be ready to go in the ground. Exciting!