Okay, so I sound like a broken record. Must get back on track. Well, I was doing great this week, until Saturday. 🙂 Okay, that was somewhat extraordinary. And really, I shouldn’t be complaining because I’m only -.5 flex points and today’s my last day. But there was the half bottle of champagne. The drinks purchased for me. And most of all, the IHOP omelette early Sunday morning. Mmm, but that was good. And you only get to have
one first breakfast after you get engaged.

But now, look! I have another goal! Just like I wanted! Excellent. I have approximately one year to lose 25 lbs. Oh wait, that’s not right, is it? When do I have to get a dress? Six months before? So I have about six months to lose 25 lbs? (I think my goal of Feb 18 is a tad unrealistic.) I think I can do 25 lbs in six months if I really work hard and don’t gain a million pounds over the holidays and train for the one or two half marathons I was planning to. I think running a lot is my best plan.

So now I get to come out of the proverbial wedding-planning closet and I can read my Bride’s magazine in front of George without hiding the cover! Now I can tell him when I think of ideas for the reception. It’s all very exciting.