Fine. Now I will try to recreate. But this post will never have the same carefree attitude, the same “i’m writing this post and it will get posted, not lost in the bowels of yahoo mail” tone. Hmmph.

Got some new glasses yesterday. Well, ordered them. I made George come along to the appointment, which ended up being a very good idea because we had pizza afterwards. Yum. Pizza from my favorite pizza place that we always order from but have never had at the restaurant. Yum. I think I like my new glasses, but it’s hard to tell because I have to look in the mirror thisclose because I forgot to bring my contacts. But I’m sure they’re better than these which aren’t the most feminine glasses. Though that picture does make me giggle a lot.

Then went to dance class. A girl in my class noticed my ring and asked if I got engaged. Not so strange except that I’m very shy in dance class and I’ve never talked to anyone about my private life. So I’m surprised she noticed the difference. Then again, I never did have this much bling before. Tee hee! Bling!

Then I went to the pub to meet Laurie. She had just gotten back from doing her nursing school thing at the hospital. This involves getting splashed in the face with various bodily fluids, so I can’t even tell you how much I admire Laurie. In spite of this, Laurie is one of those perfect girly girls to chat about your

wedding with because she too bought bridal magazines before she was engaged. And her budget was about the same as ours, so she will be a great resource. Yay Laurie!

Tonight I’m going to see Bridget Jones Diary with some of the girls from the pub. (Even though it’s not playing on the West Bank I told you Lindsay, call me a liar hmmph.) And then I might go catch up with Anne, who is in town for some law thing. (A case. Yes, that’s what that law thing is called.) Or maybe I’ll do that tomorrow night. I don’t know.

Well, don’t you know, I think this post came out maybe better than the cursed one that was lost before. But just in case, I’m going to copy to the clipboard before I send it on its merry way.