Well, wouldn’tcha know it. A new Lowest Weight EverTM this morning, but it doesn’t count because it’s not weigh-in day. I wonder why it is that I always weigh a bit less on the day after weigh-in day. Would it help if I changed my weigh-in day to Thursday, or would I then just weigh less on Friday? Hmmm. It doesn’t matter. Anyway, I shouldn’t be weighing myself every day anyway. Bad Pam!

Goal for Saturday: new 5K PR! Let’s go back in the archives to see what my previous best time was…hmmm…(wavy lines a la Scooby Doo and Waynes World…)…ah yes, 33:09 at the Molarthon in November 2003. Oh crap. I thought my PR was 33:36. I suspect the Molarthon course was short, though. Okay, well, still. Must beat 33:09. Surely, if the weather cooperates (60 degrees and overcast? Would that be too much to ask for in January? Probably.) then I’ll be able to beat it. Surely! 10:41 miles, times 3.1. That’s the speed to beat. Holy cow. Okay. Sure.

And finally, to top off this very exciting entry, I found out something pretty cool about my (wedding) dress last night. It is, in fact, a knockoff of a $4000 designer gown! Yeah! I paid a mere fraction of that for my dress, the only difference being the fabric. Mine is silk satin instead of silk mikado, this strange fabric I don’t even like. Score! I clearly have a good eye for high fashion. I say this with a straight face as I wear a wrinkled hand-me-down shirt from Kristina, a black t-shirt I wore yesterday, and some ill-fitting trousers from Old Navy. And some hand-me-down scuffed loafers. What a fashion plate!