Back in Baton Rouge. Which is sort of bittersweet. Of course, we’d rather it was Algiers, but alas. About an hour after we got back to Baton Rouge, we heard that they were rescinding the repopulation of New Orleans. George was very upset, as he was planning on going back in the morning. I gave him a big stick to beat the ground with. It seemed to help.

Washington was great. It was so good to get away for a while, and everyone was so generous. Kristina and Mike especially. And can I say how cute Kristina’s new cat is? Argh, I would’ve taken him, but I think Stinky would have had Nuke for lunch. And since Stinky was in the car, we would have had to witness it firsthand.

I had a fun fun fun tiny shower on Saturday – the one I was supposed to have over Labor Day weekend. Jenny, Kristina, Chris, and Ren (and Allison!) were there and we ate tea-food and drank champagne and I got to open presents. Fun! This getting married thing rules! I highly recommend it. The presents thing is especially cool. I’m not ashamed to admit it. But then there’s the whole thank-you card thing to balance out the fun of opening presents.

Our neighborhood was on CNN today. That’s cool.